The management of surface water resources in agriculture and aquaculture in coastal areas in Vietnamese Mekong Delta under impacts of climate change


This study aims to assess the effectiveness of the current surface water resources management on agriculture and aquaculture in the coastal area in the Vietnamese Mekong Delta and thereby to determine appropriate solutions for better water resources management based on conflicts between uses of surface water resources in agriculture and aquaculture and perception of local residents on the conflicts. The obtained results showed
that conflicts in water uses between local farmers were mainly caused by improper water management leading to wide-spread of water pollution and aquaculture diseases, and further seawater intrusion into fresh water based agriculture zones. In addition, the study also provided an overview on the strengths and weaknesses of local farmers at the time being and the expected opportunities and threats in the future in terms of agriculture and aquaculture development in the study area. Finally, suggestions were provided to minimize the conflicts, leading to better (surface) water management for agriculture and aquaculture in each agro-ecological zones of the study area.


Nguyen Tran Khanh1, Tran Thi Le Hang1, Nguyen Thuy Kieu Diem2 and Van Pham Dang Tri1
1 College of Environment and Natural Resources, Can Tho University
2 Soc Trang Environment and Natural Resources Department

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