Current groundwater extraction and management in the Vinh Chau town, Soc Trang province


The study is to assess the current groundwater resources management in the coastal area of the Vietnamese Mekong Delta in the context of rising demands and climate change, with the case study of the Vinh Chau District, Soc Trang Province. Descriptive statistics and individual interview approaches are applied in order to evaluate the efficiency and transparency in terms of governing and using groundwater resources and to consider the possible interactions between different stakeholders. The obtained results showed that the groundwater resources have been degraded rapidly in terms of quality and quantity due to the over-exploitation and insufficient water use. Groundwater resources management in the study area has faced different limitations in terms of transparency and efficiency of legal documents system. The co-management between different agencies for groundwater resources has not been effective. In addition, participations in groundwater resources management generally have not been well-coordinated between local government, management agencies and users. Periodically processes ofchecking the exploitation and contacting to local residents have not been well-performed. Besides, awareness of users on possible impacts of exploitation on groundwater resources sustainability is still limited. The research provides a suitable base towards possible measures for more effective and comprehensive groundwater governance.


Phan Ky Trung1, Tran Thi Le Hang1, Nguyen Thuy Kieu Diem2 and Van Pham Dang Tri1
1 College of Environment and Natural Resources, Can Tho University
2 Soc Trang Environment and Natural Resources Department

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